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Downtown Task Force

Linda Gorens-Levey
Downtown Task Force Co-Chair
Partner, General Capital Group

Greg Wesley
Downtown Task Force Co-Chair

Senior Vice President, Strategic Alliances and Business Development

New buildings, new jobs, new opportunities: The City of Milwaukee is experiencing once-in-a-generation development — and you can't help but notice. Over the past few years, Milwaukee has seen pivotal development that continues to impact Milwaukee’s downtown, including:


  • Over $2 billion in private development

  • The construction of the Milwaukee Bucks Arena, Fiserv Forum

  • The current redevelopment of West Wisconsin Avenue

  • The creation of a modern streetcar transit system


The GMC recognized the importance of active business and civic leadership and support during this critical time.  Important policy decisions are being made that will define our region for decades.

In 2015, we created the Downtown Task Force to provide thoughtful leadership and civic guidance early in the evolution of proposed civic and infrastructure projects originating from the public and/or the private sector.


The following year, addressing a desire to involve more partners in leadership, the Downtown Task Force evolved to become a collaboration between the Greater Milwaukee Committee, City of Milwaukee, the Greater Milwaukee Foundation, and Milwaukee Urban League, with LISC Milwaukee joining shortly after.


This collaboration, now called MKE United, is a community-wide effort to develop a shared and inclusive vision for Milwaukee’s Greater Downtown and create a 10-year Action Agenda to make it a reality.


Relying on community feedback and guidance from a steering committee made up of a diverse cross section of Milwaukee leaders, MKE United began work on the MKE United Greater Downtown Action Agenda in 2016. The Action Agenda will be a “living” implementation playbook, usable by all, with actionable items over the next 10 years. It includes specific assignments that government and business, community, philanthropic and institutional sectors can reasonably commit to accomplish. 


MKE United is now progressing forward to the living playbook in tandem with the early actions identified in the Action Agenda in order to help bring the full vision to fruition.


To access the Greater Downtown Action Agenda or to learn more about MKE United and how you can get involved, please visit



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For more information, please contact Tony Panciera

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