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Walker signs Foxconn legislation

Gov. Scott Walker today signed into law the Foxconn Technology Group bill passed by the state Legislature last week. The legislation provides up to $3 billion in incentives for Foxconn, which plans to build a $10 billion, 20 million-square-foot LCD panel campus in Wisconsin. It is expected to initially create 3,000 and eventually 13,000 jobs. A site still has not been announced for the Foxconn development, but Walker said he expected the company will announce the site between now and the first week of October, when the formal contract is signed with Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. Walker said the contract will also contain more tools to tighten up the job promises, including laying out

September Letter from the President

At our most recent membership meeting, Jonas Prising and the panel (list panel members) clearly defined the importance and role of corporate culture. Locally and internationally, Manpower’s purpose is defined as “meaningful and sustainable employment has the power to change the world.” Corporate culture is defined as the set of attitudes, values, goals, and practices that that characterize an institution or organization. It is the values we publicly share with the outside world, shaped by the actions inside the four walls. It is our responsibility as leaders to manifest our corporate culture into one of community culture. We work tirelessly on being innovative, attracting and retaining tale

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