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Milwaukee Succeeds

Jackie Herd Barber
Co-Chair, Milwaukee Succeeds
Community Volunteer

Michael Lovell
Co-Chair, Milwaukee Succeeds
President, Marquette University

John Schlifske

Co-Chair, Milwaukee Succeeds

Chairman & CEO, Northwestern Mutual

Milwaukee Succeeds uses the Strive Educational Partnership model which is a framework that builds a civic infrastructure of stakeholders. This framework forms common goals that focus on success in the “cradle to career” scope. Milwaukee Succeeds brings together leaders who have all invested heavily in educational improvement, but have rarely worked collaboratively. In order to generate this this framework, leaders adopt a rigorous measurement process, identify high impact strategies, develop community-wide goals, engage community stakeholders, and continue to invest in programs that work.

By using this process and focusing on the need for improved educational achievement and attainment so that the region can compete in the global economy, the partners plan to overcome the traditional obstacles to working together. Milwaukee Succeeds will build a framework for a model education system in Milwaukee.

The GMC continues its partnership with Milwaukee Succeeds in collaboration with the Greater Milwaukee Foundation, the Milwaukee Metropolitan Association of Commerce, Milwaukee Public Schools, Milwaukee Urban League, United Way of Greater Milwaukee and Bader Philanthropies, Inc. The GMC’s Talent Dividend manages Goal 2 (College and Career Readiness).

Questions? Contact Michael Hostad.

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Milwaukee Succeeds website.

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