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A Letter From the President: October 2015

Many of you were able to join us for our October membership meeting featuring a pertinent debate over whether K-12 education is the most important issue facing our emerging leaders. At the meeting, we were presented with another perspective – that segregation is actually the most important issue.

Clearly, these are two problems which are connected and intertwined, and perhaps equally important to address. The Global Shapers group, a part of the World Economic Forum, passionately argued the two sides of the issue – education and segregation – while sharing personal stories and anecdotes and making the arguments easy to identify with for our members.

We received positive feedback from the membership meeting.

“I think this is one of the best programs we have had.”

“I enjoyed the discussion. Both teams were prepared and articulate.”

“Topic was great. Debaters were polished… it was good exposure for the group.”

Thank you to all of our members who engaged with the meeting and shared their positive, as well as critical, feedback with us and the Global Shapers.

We know it’s important to face these issues, and it is reassuring – and encouraging – see tomorrow’s leaders’ willingness to face them head on, no matter how uncomfortable. We hope that through our work at the GMC within issues of race, equality, education and workforce development, we can begin to solve some of the barriers facing Milwaukee in becoming – or remaining – a world-class city.

Check out video from the meeting here.


Julia Taylor President

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