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Dr. Pinderhughes Outlines Path to Heal City at Safe MKE Symposium

Published on January 16, 2017 From Milwaukee Independent

A half-day symposium was held on January 12 as the next step in a collaborative effort by a broad-based collection of leaders from community, business, faith, government, and health sectors to formulate an action plan for the reduction of viоlеncе and its traumatic affect on individuals, community, and the economic health of Milwaukee.

Safe MKE was organized by several groups including the Greater Milwaukee Committee (GMC), Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, the City of Milwaukee’s Office of Viоlеncе Prevention, and the Prevention Institute. The gathering was a continuation from the November 2016 meeting, when Milwaukee launched an ambitious six-month process to develop a blueprint for viоlеncе prevention with 150 community partners.

“This really started for us last spring, when we had a Greater Milwaukee Committee meeting that was looking at the issue of viоlеncе within our city,” said Julia Taylor, President, Greater Milwaukee Committee. “We talked about what was creating the viоlеncе within our city and other urban areas, and what we could do about it. As a result of that discussion, people wanted to dive deeper into our community. So that is what this symposium is about.”

Read the full article here.

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