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Greater Milwaukee Foundation creates violence prevention fund

Following Google’s pledge to support crime reduction efforts in Milwaukee, the Greater Milwaukee Foundation has created a new fund to augment that initiative.

The GMF has committed $25,000 toward matching funds that Milwaukee is receiving from Google as part of the company’s effort to funnel $2 million in support of lowering gun violence in 10 cities nationwide.

“How safe people feel in their neighborhood and in their broader community has a tremendous impact on their quality of life,” said Ellen Gilligan, president of the Greater Milwaukee Foundation. “It’s a value shared by us all. As a community foundation, we stand committed to investing in strategies that we believe will have a measurable impact, and we invite those who care about the safety and security of our community to do the same.”

Funding will be used to support violence prevention strategies identified in Milwaukee’s Blueprint for Peace, a citywide violence reduction plan.

Read the full article here.

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