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August Letter from the President

"Human potential is a catalyst for business and economic success. For young people to be part of that success, we must help them tap into opportunities. It is vital they can access options to reskill, to adapt to new technology, to relocate to take on jobs in other regions and countries, and to learn on-the-job, online and in the classroom. If business, government and citizens want to ensure sustainable growth, they must partner to make these options available to youth." Jonas Prising, Chairman & CEO, ManpowerGroup Huffington Post 2015

Meet Katrina, a UWM graduate, who after thinking her education and career were over, leveraged her experience with The Commons to a software engineering position at Kohl's. The Commons is connecting innovative students to local businesses, and creating "real world" project experiences. "It's nice to just see that with hard work, with dedication, with drive, if you still have that fire to be successful, you can be successful." It's the drive and dedication Katrina was empowered with through The Commons that we are dedicated to spreading throughout the region. The Commons has provided the region's most innovative students with the challenges our regional businesses are facing, all while preparing a new generation of city leaders and influencers who will stay in Milwaukee. It's a prime example of how our initiatives impact our members and Milwaukee.

"The Commons is cultivating the next generation of entrepreneurial talent and connecting them to top employers." Jonas Prising

With the pending arrival of Foxconn and tens of thousands of jobs, the world sees Milwaukee as a competitive marketplace. The strides we've made building a social infrastructure for our economy, education systems, and talent retention are positioning us to be able to sustain this growing region for generations to come.

"It is important for businesses and educators to collaborate to ensure the right things are taught in the right way to develop the talent that is the lifeblood that allows our community to grow. This notion extends to K12 educators as the development of talent needs to start very early."

Todd Teske, President & CEO, Briggs & Stratton

MKE Fellows is ensuring access for African American males, in order to strengthen equity and integration within our region, promising a future of integration and educated leaders. MKE United is allowing you to share your input on a strategic plan for the greater downtown and stronger and more prosperous neighborhoods, ones that will create jobs and increase quality of life. Scale Up is telling our region's growth story, impacting the ambition of all businesses in our region, increasing exports within our region, ensuring a stable source of economic development. What does this do for you? It creates the future we all want for Milwaukee and the city we call home.

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