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Regional communication stressed again at GMC panel on Foxconn

Foxconn Technology Group's reach is extending all throughout southeastern Wisconsin, and that included the November meeting of the Greater Milwaukee Committee Monday, where several of the development's key local figures spoke to the membership about how they're coping with the Taiwanese giant's arrival.

Marquette University president Michael Lovell moderated a panel discussion on Foxconn at The University Club Monday and dictated conversation between four local employment figures: MATC president Vicki Martin, Employ Milwaukee president and CEO Earl Buford, Waukesha County Board chairman Paul Decker and Public Policy Forum president Rob Henken.

Like several other regional stakeholders have done before on various other Foxconn-related panel discussions, the panelists emphasized the role of collaboration and communication in successfully preparing for Foxconn. Lovell, for example, remarked at how he, Martin and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee chancellor Mark Mone have met more in the last two or three months than they did in the entire year previous.

Decker, bringing the Waukesha County perspective to the panel, delivered a regional view in his analysis of the proceedings. noting how the region has all the resources as any other, but lacks cooperation.

Henken addressed the need for communication and cooperation through his government lens.

Read the full article here.

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