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The Arts and Culture Building Boom

The greater downtown building boom extends to more than new apartment complexes. Four of the city’s largest arts and culture organizations are in the process of constructing new buildings or additions. A number of other major projects are waiting in the wings.

The most notable project is without a doubt the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra‘s $80 million plan to transform the empty Warner Grand Theatre into a music hall. But that’s far from the only thing going on.

The Milwaukee Ballet is planning a move to the Historic Third Ward. Discovery World is building an addition. And last, not but least, the Milwaukee Art Museum recently completed an addition and is planning to improve O’Donnell Park.

Two other projects are in their early stages. VISIT Milwaukee and the Wisconsin Center District are planning a $200 million expansion of the convention center and the Milwaukee Public Museum is in the early stages of planning an entirely new building.

Representatives of the groups presented updates on their projects to members of the Greater Milwaukee Committee, many of whom are donors to the various efforts, Monday afternoon at the University Club.

Read the full article here.

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