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Tech Hub Dreams For Milwaukee Include Call For Diversity

In recent years, a number of organizations that promote business growth have set their sights on the high-tech sector and start-up firms that take innovative ideas to market.

Some believe Milwaukee could become a technology center. In fact, local business groups estimate 76,000 jobs in the region now qualify for the tech category.

But Northwestern Mutual Chairman and CEO John Schlifske says that's not enough. He told the Greater Milwaukee Committee (GMC) on Monday that the need for information technology workers, and others in related fields, continues to grow, including at his company.

"You know, if you go back 10 years ago, it was lawyers, actuaries, investment professionals. Now, over half the jobs we're filling are tech jobs. And that's not just at Northwestern Mutual, that's across all companies, all industries," he says.

Schlifske says the Milwaukee region may not succeed in filling all the high-tech openings because many other cities are competing for the same talent.

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