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Southwest Airlines Grant Expands Milwaukee’s Aviation Pipeline Program

Milwaukee Public Schools recently received some exciting news, which could turn things around for some of its students. Southwest Airlines selected “Expanding Milwaukee’s Aviation Pipeline,” an MPS program, as a recipient of its 2019 Charitable Grants.

The program is a partnership between MPS, the Greater Milwaukee Committee and Milwaukee Area Technical College in response to job shortages in the aviation field. The news was announced at Bradley Tech on March 8, with a few students in attendance.

Southwest has awarded the program $40,000. The goal is to give deserving students, who wouldn’t otherwise be noticed, an opportunity.

Aaron Shapiro, principal at Bradley Tech was excited to have this at his school because he said it will not only impact Tech students, but all MPS students.

Tech is a trade school and having a program that’s directlyconnected with a successful airline is the key to bridging gap to the students’ success. Tech educates over 1,000 students across the city and is the premier technology and trade school of Milwaukee, according to a press release.

The aviation program will give over 80 students the opportunity to participate in the program. The students will take college-level courses on aviation at MATC and will spend time at General Mitchell International Airport.

Dr. Keith Posley, superintendent of MPS, said this isn’t just a regular opportunity but a “golden” one.

“You have a golden opportunity to get an experience of a lifetime,” he said to the students in the room. “A knowledge-based experience.”

Ana Schwager, regional leader of community affairs and grassroots efforts for Southwest Airlines, said Southwest is all about connecting people. She said they’re honored to provide this opportunity to the students.

“I’m already trying to recruit them to Southwest,” Schwager said jokingly.

Mark Anthony Martin, 15, is in Tech’s engineering program, where he’s learning 3-D printing. He said this is a great investment and addition to their school. He added that Tech is a great school that has a great staff.

And, to prospective students, Martin said to “consider BradleyTech because it can help you out with a lot.”

Link to the article here.

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