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Key to the City

Dedicated teachers are crucial for strong learning environments in our classrooms. Key to the City, born out of an initiative called Teachtown MKE, uses programs with partners that engage young educators with each other and other young professionals through exposure to Milwaukee's cultural and civic opportunities. Now in its six year, Key to the City's work shows significant improvement in teacher attraction and retention and a notably more stable, nurturing and innovative environment for students in Milwaukee Public Schools and beyond. 

Teachtown MKE offers educators the “Key to the City,” a card given to each educator that includes free admissions and promotions to many of Milwaukee’s cultural institutions, teacher housing resources, social programming, and more. This passport to Milwaukee allows educators to explore our local amenities and offerings so they can infuse each of the cultural assets into their classroom activities. Key to the City not only partners with Milwaukee Public Schools, but also engages all AmeriCorps education program members. eighteen cultural institutions participate in Key to the city, providing thousands of dollars in benefits to each card holder. 

Teachtown MKE:


  1. Attracts top educators to Milwaukee

  2. Retains top educators in our classrooms by providing community support

  3. Empowers each educator to infuse innovation into his or her classroom

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For more information, contact Isabel Sandretti.

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