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MiKE (Innovation in Milwaukee)

Todd Teske
Co-Chair, MiKE
Chairman, CEO & President, Briggs & Stratton

Jonas Prising
Co-Chair, MiKE
President, ManpowerGroup

Michael Lovell

Co-Chair, MiKE

President, Marquette University

Innovation is driven by collaboration. It takes more than just smart people – it takes different people, working together colliding in unexpected ways to create important new ideas. That’s why connecting and developing talent in Milwaukee is crucial to our ability to continue to evolve as a world-class city.

To achieve this, Innovation in Milwaukee (MiKE) creates and supports programming that convenes corporations, universities and colleges and talent networks to foster the development of an innovative workforce in the greater Milwaukee area. MiKE seeks to be a convener, facilitator, collaborator and inspirer.

MiKE programming:

  • Creates purposeful connections to develop a collaborative ecosystem

  • Supports established and growing companies by working to develop and retain the next generation workforce

  • Provides a platform for idea sharing through a series of events and meaningful networking opportunities

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Questions? Contact Michael Hostad or Maggie Dauss.

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