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Next Meeting: November 13, 2023

University Club



March Membership Meeting

2023 has seen Milwaukee avert fiscal disaster with the passage of state and local legislation that will increase the amount of local revenue available to preserve vital services. While this is a remarkable accomplishment, we know that growth and true expansion of opportunity in our community will require more than just preserving the status quo; we must use the momentum of the sales tax passage as a springboard into a stronger and more innovative future. Join us on November 13th to hear the findings of the 2023 Operational Review of the City of Milwaukee and the immediate and tangible steps we can take in 2024 to find more efficient and effective ways to deliver city services to all our residents. Mayor Cavalier Johnson will discuss specific steps the City will take, Rob Henken will outline opportunities for better collaborative efforts between the City and Milwaukee County, and Greg Wesley will share an update on how we must continue the commitment to MKE United’s Anti-Displacement Fund. GMC members will actively engage in ways that you can play a role in strengthening the long-term fiscal health of our community. 

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