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June 12, 2023

University Club



March Membership Meeting

Infrastructure:  how are we investing in and prioritizing for a future Milwaukee?


Infrastructure is a key tenant of why the GMC was created 75 years ago, finding solutions to creating a first-class city infused with investments in assets that elevate the opportunities for competitiveness and success. While the importance of a well-maintained infrastructure is important to our community, the aspects that create our infrastructure have developed over the decades. Maturity of assets, innovation, and growth, in addition to other factors, play a role in how we define "infrastructure" and attribute it to plans for investment and growth.

There are local partners who are finding success in their work and creating solutions, and we have invited them to share their experiences and successes with membership. They will cover a variety of aspects of infrastructure including transportation, brick and mortar, arts and culture, funding sources, and partnerships. 


The June 12 membership meeting will feature local partners who will define how infrastructure plays a role in their work, lending insight as to how the GMC can more effectively support solutions for our future and guide our work. 

This meeting will also be a celebration of Greg Marcus' tenure as GMC chair and welcome Peggy Kelsey as the new GMC chair. 


Speakers include:

Chad Bauman, Executive Director, Milwaukee Repertory Theater

Donna Brown-Martin, Director, Milwaukee County Department of Transportation

Ellen Censky, President and CEO, Milwaukee Public Museum

Patrick Rath, President and CEO, United Performing Arts Fund


A key focus of our new strategic plan, Infrastructure is an area the GMC commits to supporting and bettering for Milwaukee.

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