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Commissioned by the GMC, The Wisconsin Policy Forum released "Up To Speed," a report focused on the technology challenges facing Milwaukee's small businesses. 

Read the report here. 

MKE United
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Ellen Gilligan
President & CEO, Greater Milwaukee Foundation

Greg Wesley
Senior Vice President, Strategic Alliances and Business Development

Now is our time. Milwaukee is at a critical crossroads. We are experiencing once-in-a-generation development in and around downtown that is creating tremendous new opportunities for our City. However, we also acknowledge that some of our residents do not feel connected to this growth or the downtown, fearing being left out or pushed out. We have an opportunity to leverage these developments to achieve a Greater Downtown that is: 

·         Welcoming to all, including inclusive business, amenities and cultural offerings

·         A strong economic engine that attracts and retains inclusive and diverse businesses and jobs that grow household incomes for all Milwaukeeans

·         Well connected to its neighborhoods and to the region

·         Positioned to attract new investment with a coherent and discernible "Greater Downtown” identity that will provide the necessary revenues to support a high quality of life for all Milwaukeeans.


To meet this need, the Greater Milwaukee Committee, City of Milwaukee, the Greater Milwaukee Foundation and the Milwaukee Urban League have convened a diverse team of community leaders from across the downtown and adjacent neighborhoods to launch MKE United. MKE United is a comprehensive planning process through which we will create a shared and inclusive vision for Downtown Milwaukee and its adjacent neighborhoods, supported by a strategic Action Agenda to make that vision a reality.

Visit the MKE United website.

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