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Educational opportunity and professional development are crucial for our region's social and economic future.

Innovation, education, and attracting and retaining diverse talent are all keys to economic prosperity. We use the most innovative talent development strategies in real-time with educational and corporate partners, linking high school students to regional career options and creating an entrepreneurial learning environment with students, corporate partners, and startups. These efforts result in an innovative and diverse talent pool. Employers from small businesses to international corporations are able to increase their growth opportunities by attracting and retaining higher levels of talent to help guide the way. We are building a next generation of leaders to bring us closer to the vision of an equitable community.




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Partner and Legacy work:
Milwaukee Talent Dividend

The Talent Dividend initiative partnered with Community Career Connections, Inc., and Milwaukee Public Schools to create the My Life! My Plan! workshop. My Life! My Plan! uses experiential learning about career clusters and pathways in Southeastern Wisconsin.

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Milwaukee Succeeds uses the Strive Educational Partnership model which is a framework that builds a civic infrastructure of stakeholders. This framework forms common goals that focus on success in the “cradle to career” scope. Milwaukee Succeeds brings together leaders who have all invested heavily in educational improvement, but have rarely worked collaboratively.

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This new initiative has a strong commitment from the 60+ collaborators from the MPS High School SAS. All participants are on board, helped define basic goals, formed working groups and implemented some major quick wins.

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Identify high-potential black male college student leaders from economically disadvantaged communities and provide them with professional development, internships, and experiences needed in order to compete in an ever-changing global economy. The MKE Fellows program is coordinated by ALIVE!

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