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Vibrancy of Place

The power of place is undeniable. We play crucial roles in the design, creation, and support of public spaces that increase civic engagement and connect people across economic and social divides, accelerating success for people, neighborhoods, and the city.

Milwaukee is at a critical crossroads. We are experiencing once-in-a-generation development in and around downtown. This development is reshaping the skyline, creating denser business and residential districts, and providing new opportunities for civic amenities, transit, and neighborhoods. 

GMC initiatives like Creative Placemaking, the Beerline Trail Neighborhood Development Project, the NEWaukee Night Market on Wisconsin Avenue, MKE United have already generated visible and tangible benefits for Milwaukee. Coupled with this public- and private-sector development, tremendous opportunities lie before us for downtown and the adjacent neighborhoods, which can resonate through the entire city and beyond. 

Click each initiative to see their detailed website:

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