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Economic Prosperity

What's New:

Commissioned by the GMC, The Wisconsin Policy Forum released "Up To Speed," a report focused on the technology challenges facing Milwaukee's small businesses. 

Read the report here. 

up to speed cover.jpeg

As a region, there is no greater challenge than broad economic development
and prosperity. Comprehensive solutions and innovative developments must be
implemented at all levels.

While many organizations focus on different, equally critical components of the region’s economic development, the GMC serves a unique and complementary role through the work of its economic prosperity initiatives. The GMC increases the economic vibrancy of Milwaukee and strengthens its brand as a center of innovation and opportunity to attract and retain talent by using a thematic
approach to economic development. This creates a powerful platform for companies to grow and positions the GMC as an innovative leader in the community, influencing the economic vitality of the Greater Milwaukee region. 


We focus on macro issues - initiatives with broad and deep components, designed to spark systematic change. Often, our success is much greater than the sum of its parts, and while it can be felt down to the smallest employer, it is also recognized as changing the culture and conversation of the region. These GMC initiatives, together with public and private funders and their initiatives, drive economic development in Milwaukee.

The GMC is committed to bringing significant economic returns to our community in order to accelerate the region’s growth and vitality.

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