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The GMC supports innovative ideas and services that improve the way we do business and live our lives in southeastern Wisconsin. The GMC develops programs, convenes partners, and shares knowledge on emerging issues in three primary areas, listed below.

Education and professional development are crucial for our region's future.

Innovation and attracting and retaining diverse talent are all keys to success. We use the most innovative talent development strategies with educational and corporate partners, linking high school students to regional career options and creating an entrepreneurial learning environment with students, corporate partners, and startups. Employers from small businesses to international corporations are able to increase their growth opportunities by attracting and retaining higher levels of talent to help guide the way. We are building a next generation of diverse leaders to bring us closer to the vision of an equitable community.

We believe in equitable economic opportunity for all through business growth and commercial corridor revitalization. For any region, economic growth is crucial. The GMC is committed to comprehensive, innovative solutions that drive inclusive and equitable economic development in Milwaukee’s businesses and commercial corridors. Our initiatives are designed to spark systemic change by focusing on macro issues with broad and deep components. Often, our success is much greater than the sum of its parts, from individual community members and employers to the broader community as we change the culture and conversation within the region. Advancing inclusive economic development with an eye on growing jobs and generational wealth will ensure the future and long-term prosperity in Milwaukee.

We play crucial roles in the design, creation, and support of public spaces that increase civic engagement and connect people across racial, economic, and social divides.

The GMC employs our nationally recognized methods for designing public spaces to increase civic engagement, bridge economic divides, and accelerate success for neighborhoods within our region. Coupled with public- and private-sector development, these opportunities lead to a more inclusive Milwaukee. The Creative Placemaking Committee leverages national and local grants and resources, while the Beerline Trail impacts the social and economic fabric in the Harambee and Riverwest communities.

* Denotes initiative falls under multiple pillars

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