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January Letter from the President

We had an exciting membership meeting in January, with Mayor Barrett and Reggie Moore highlighting Milwaukee’s plan for reducing and preventing violence within our communities through the Blueprint for Peace. They walked through the six goals and key strategies. I had the honor of serving on the Steering Committee for the Blueprint for Peace along with other GMC members, businesses, non-profits, and foundations. Now more than ever, we need to address the issue of violence in Milwaukee. Violence is a public health issue, and when it affects one of us, is affects us all -the economy, education, and the vibrancy of our communities, all issues we are extremely passionate about. This community-

Job creation one key to reducing violence in Milwaukee, city leaders tell GMC

The city of Milwaukee recently unveiled its "Blueprint for Peace" plan to reduce violence, and on Monday, the plan's leaders presented their vision to the Greater Milwaukee Committee. The coalition's monthly membership meeting featured presentations from Mayor Tom Barrett and Reggie Moore and David Muhammad from the Milwaukee Health Department's office of violence prevention. The program concluded with a panel discussion featuring Moore, Milwaukee Common Council president Ashanti Hamilton, Bader Philanthropies president Dan Baderand United Way of Greater Milwaukee president and CEO Mary Lou Young. Barrett's introduction highlighted the philosophical goals of the new program. "We decided it w

Grooming talent: 'Early college model' at Bradley Tech lifts workforce

When Foxconn Technology Group’s arrival in southeastern Wisconsin became a near certainty at a White House announcement last July, a renewed emphasis was placed on technical education in the state. A majority of that focus centered on the ever-deepening relationship between technical colleges and workforce development organizations, and how the two could combine forces to prepare Wisconsin’s workforce for the massive employment opportunity Foxconn presents with its creation of up to 13,000 jobs at its factory planned for Racine County. Far less attention was paid to similar efforts being made at the high school level. But for the long-term health of Wisconsin’s economy and workforce, pathway

Milwaukee leaders make pitch for funding Ceasefire, a violence interruption program

Milwaukee officials brought their pitch for funding Ceasefire, a violence interruption program, to business and nonprofit leaders in the Greater Milwaukee Committee during a discussion of the city's overarching violence prevention plan. Ceasefire is based on the Cure Violence model, which involves training and paying trusted insiders of a community to anticipate where violence will occur and intervene before it erupts. Those interrupters typically work in an eight-to-10 block "hot spot" zone in neighborhoods. Milwaukee will launch Ceasefire this year in the Old North Milwaukee neighborhood with $280,000 in city funding and $100,000 from Bader Philanthropies. Reggie Moore, director of the cit

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